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Waxwood – Kama

A Kama

B Kama (Fuga Ronto Remix)

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Enigmatic producer Waxwood has a genuinely global outlook. Born in Russia, resident in Brooklyn and a regular visitor to Los Angeles, he can often be found jetting off to far-fung parts of the World in order to make feld recordings and immerse himself in different musical cultures.
You can hear these disparate global infuences and inspirations in
Waxwood’s frst single for Claremont 56, which comes on the back of a near legendary 2015 cassette for NYC’s Styles
Upon Styles, Sahasraha, which magically fused tropical hand
percussion and densely layered feld recordings with lilting ambient chords, hypnotic electronic rhythms and all manner of intoxicating
aural fourishes. ‘Kama’ is a slightly different beast from its’ predecessor, with a sunny disposition and laidback breeziness throughout. Although underpinned
by a sturdy kick-drum pattern, its chiming melodies and metallic
percussion fourishes — reminiscent of indigenous music from far-
fung nations such as Malaysia and Indonesia — combine with gentle acoustic guitar motifs and waves of acid-esque electronics to create a beguiling and life-affrming mood. It offers more proof that Waxwood is a producer with a unique musical vision. The track’s inherent gentle breeziness is explored in greater detail on the accompanying remix, which has been provided by Phantom Island regulars Fuga Ronto (AKA Swiss musicians/producers Ron Shiller and Tobi Schweizer). Riffng on Waxwood’s original, they’ve added superb new vocals and instrumentation — think dreamy harmonies, tumbling synthesizer melodies and mesmerizing guitar parts — to create a sunset-friendly Balearic revision that’s both stunningly beautiful and dazzlingly sun-kissed.


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Claremont 56



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Disco, Downtempo




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