Various – Seafaring Strangers: Private Yacht (2xLP)

A1 Jim Spencer — Wrap Myself Up in Your Love

A2 Michael Miglio — Never Gonna Let You Go

A3 Ned Doheny — Before I Thrill Again

A4 Johnny Gamboa — That Good Old Feeling Back Again

A5 Solenoid — Acquaintances

B1 Steps — Your Burning Love

B2 Jeff Harrington — Kristi

B3 Paul Skyland — Give Me Your Love

B4 Rob Galbraith — Tell Me With Your Eyes (Just Be You)

B5 Calvin Johnson — Dance of Love

C1 Salty Miller — One More Time

C2 Canyon — Country Lovin'

C3 A.J. Loria — Please Analyze

C4 Gary Marks — Sailing

C5 Country Comfort — To Be Lonely

D1 Madness — Madam Operator

D2 Chuck Senrick — Don't Be So Nice

D3 Breathers — Don't It Make You Feel

D4 Damon Danielson — How Long Has It Been

D5 Rudy Norman — Back to the Streets

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The Numero Group’s dive into the deep end of America’s private press continues. Having battled the witches and wizards of Darkscorch, the outlaws of Cosmic Americana, and traveled alongside Ladies From the Canyon and their Lonesome Heroes, it’s time to take it easy.With pop music’s volume knob adjusted for deflation in the early ’70s, softness begat smoothness. Crewmen arrived from the worlds of jazz, folk, rock, and soul, all peddling a product that was sincere, leisurely, and lofty. A sound that was buoyant, crisp, defined. Sometimes classified as West Coast—and, later, Yacht Rock—the compass points of our Private Yacht expedition are the blue-eyed harmonies of Hall and Oates, the cocaine-dusted Fender Rhodes of Michael McDonald, and the combover strums of James Taylor. Here, at the glassy apex of rock’s softer side, 20 strong swimmers are gathered together. An album for both relaxation and reflection, where listeners can enjoy the present, a cool breeze, and a taste of the good life.


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Numero Group


2xLP, Comp

Тип Релиза


Soft Rock




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