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Unbroken Dub – Forty Six Knobs Machine

A1 Lullaby Arp

B1 RX303

B2 Factory Presets Improvisation

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«Forty Six Knobs Machine» by Unbroken Dub is the first release from Nikita Zabelin’s label, Resonance Moscow. Based in the Russian capital, the label focuses on electronic music from towns and regions nationwide. Unbroken Dub is the stage-name of Denis Safiullin, well known to domestic audiences as a member of the Hot Wax team. That project comes from the industrial city of Tyumen, sometimes called the «Hydrocarbon Heart of Russia.» Winter temperatures in the area can fall below -45C. Denis is a long-standing aficionado of analog synths and continues to experiment with all manner of samples. Those two trajectories produce a high level of originality, especially when he enlists the support of leading club figures from around the world. Denis’ release for Resonance Moscow is excellent proof of this bold experimentation. All three tracks on «Forty Six Knobs Machine» use the Rokton, an antique Soviet drum synth.


Вес 230 g
Record Label

Resonance Moscow


12", EP

Тип Релиза






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