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Tom Noble & Renata – Edits

Marthe Zambo — Alu

Sonny Okosuns — My Ancestors


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Hello Sailor Recordings 5th release features two edits by Tom Noble and label’s captain Renata do Valle.

On this collaboration we navigate through West Africa, exploring sounds from Cameroonian singer Marthe Zambo — ‘Alu’ and Nigerian musician Sonny Okosuns — ‘My Ancestors’.
These edits are subtle works and an homage to these artists, keeping the music true to its originals.
Do Valle often likes to explore African sounds on her HS releases which are a big influence on Brazilian music, it’s origins and roots.
Tom Noble is an avid collector, selector, producer and the man behind the great Superior Elevation Records in NY


Вес 60 g
Record Label

Hello Sailor Recordings


7", 45 RPM

Тип Релиза


Disco, African, Downtempo




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