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Riccio – Right There EP

A1 Afro Chemy 7:04

A2 Funky Cave 6:12

B1 Heather 9:45

Артикул: HYR7165 Категории: , , Метка:


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Hell Yeah is back with more beach ready and boat party styled summer tunes, this time from Riccio. This Italian producer has long been making essential edits, off kilter grooves and soul kissed house sounds that demand to be played loud and these new ones are no different.

Described by the label boss as Balearic Big Beat, this EP kicks off with Afro Chemy, a scorching seven minute tune that builds on a bed of fat drums. The scattered percussion is loose and organic and when the funky bass and colourful xylophone sounds comes in you can’t help but cut loose. Add in a sexy trumpet line and you have the sound of summer distilled into seven sensational minutes.

Funky Cave will get any party started with its old school drum breaks and cymbal splashes sounding like the ocean when you plunge in on a hot day. Busted bass lines add a certain fatness and cosmic keys and steamy guitar licks make this another perfect outdoor anthem.

Last of all is the blissed out Heather, one to drop at sundown after a long day’s dancing. The beats are warm and lumpy, the synths smear out to the horizon like gently breaking waves and soulful leads really get your heart swelling. Proper.


Вес 230 g
Record Label

Hell Yeah Recordings


12", EP

Тип Релиза


Beatdown, Big Beat, Disco




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