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Modern Manners – Modern Manners 002

A1 Research

A2 Can Maneras

B1 Serate Cosmiche


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Following on from the impressive opening statement from Modern Manners, the second installment from the hitherto unknown outfit sees the sonic remit reaching out to other influences while retaining that poised lounge attitude that made the first record so instantly endearing. «Research» is a dub track in essence, sporting ample space in the mix, the odd conga roll and sparse chords calling out into a field of reverb and delay. «Can Maneras» is a more shuffling kind of smooth jazz that aligns with the classy licks of St Germain and the like. «Serate Cosmiche» finishes the EP off on a melancholic tip that puts the synths at the front of the mix for the first time.


Вес 230 g
Record Label

Modern Manners



Тип Релиза


Deep House, Downtempo




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