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Modern Manners – Modern Manners 001

A1 Amor y Odio

A2 Running With Me

B1 Instant Illusions


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Coming to life on a hazy cloud of natural instrumentation and meditative composition, Modern Manners tap into the appetite for delicate new age musings beautifully on this debut release. «Amor Y Odio» is laced with Spanish guitar musings that spiral out over a simple but effective drum break that harks back to classic downtempo, while «Running With Me» edges towards a more sprightly lounge headspace while retaining the rich musicality felt on the first track. «Instant Illusion» is propelled by a bassline that wouldn’t sound out of place on a house track, but here its punching out in a subtle, laid back environment that aims to get you horizontal in the most sophisticated way possible.


Вес 230 g
Record Label

Modern Manners



Тип Релиза


Deep House, Nu Disco, Downtempo




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