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Max Graef — Apron EP

Purpurner Nurnwurz (5:06)


Winkelrose (4:48)


Cheap Fusion Intro (2:33)


BE (4:50)



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MPC-wielding deep house maverick Max Graef is the latest hot producer to pitch up on Steven Julien’s on-point Apron Records. He wisely uses it as an excuse to go a little crazy, opening the E.P with the off-kilter analogue hip-hop/distrorted electro/broken beat fusion of the decidedly trippy «Purpurner Numwurz». Graef doffs a cap to the dusty, lo-fi house and techno of labels such as L.I.E.S and Lobster Theremin on the dirt-encrusted deepness of «Winkelrose», before unfurling his boogie and jazz-funk influences on the rubbery sample jam «Cheap Fusion Intro». Finally, his much-explored jazz influences return on the bluesy deep house brilliance of closer «BE», which sounds like something you’d hear on Rhythm Section International.


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Deep House, Breakbeat, Downtempo, House, Techno, Tribal House, Funk

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