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Maurice Moore and Family Affair Band – Everything That Shines Ain’t Gold

A1 Everything That Shines Ain't Gold (Part One and Two) 6:08

B2 Everything That Shines Ain't Gold (Floating Points Edit) 4:35


Нет в наличии

A few years ago, Melodies family members Floating Points and DJ Red Greg got their hands on a couple of original 70s obscurities. While these standout records shone brightly in their own right, the two DJs saw the potential to create their own edits behind the scenes, finely attuning the original versions to modern-day dancefloor standards. Of these new recordings, they cut only five copies for themselves and a few DJ friends of theirs.

Today, Melodies International is very proud to bring you MEL006 and MEL007. Fully licensed, lovingly mastered to the highest possible standards and carefully edited to dial up that dancefloor enjoyment, these two ‘You’re A Melody’ classics weren’t originally meant to get official releases. But due to popular request, they are now available to play and share in very special moments at parties around the world.


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Record Label

Melodies International



Тип Релиза


Funk, Soul, Disco