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L-Farrio — More Secret Weapons

A1 Intro

A2 Not Easy

B1 Jazz In Italics

B2 Dues Paid Fast (How I Like)

B2 Outro

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Нет в наличии

After a longer than usual break GAMM Enterprises is back on black plastic but more important — we got a brand new design!
For those who don’t know, GAMM has been delivering dance music of the blacker kind for almost 15 years but always with the same look.Basically, a visual facelift was long overdue. But we think you’ll feel it as much as we do and it really works beautifully with our musical ideology.So, for the (new) premier release we got a producer that is to put it mildly, pretty hyped at the moment, you might guess who it is if you dwell over the name for a minute or two ;).Ranging from percussive carnival disco (Carnival In Manchester) to Brazilian fusion grooves (JAZZ In Italics) and independent Disco/Funk (Dues Paid Fast) you’ll definitely find something that will work your party. GAMM is back and back with a musical vengeance!


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Latin Jazz




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