Kostas Georgoudis & Alex Dimou – Theme Of Roman EP

A1 Kostas Georgoudis — Theme Of Roman

A2 Kostas Georgoudis — Palouse

B1 Kostas Georgoudis & Alex Dimou — Mozy

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Unscene Record’s debut 12-inch release, ‘Theme of Roman EP’, features three modernistic tracks from Grecian artists
Kostas Georgoudis and Alex Dimou (in a B-side collaboration). A1-Theme Of Roman (Original Mix) initiates the quest by
creating minimalistic soundscapes of a cinematic nature, translating to listeners as a prismatic chemistry of iridescent
textures, dub, and pitch-shifted voices. A2-Palouse (Original Mix), provides a discourse between vintage aesthetics and
futuristic dynamism, rendering a more abstract and atmospheric composition. On the flip side, track B1-Mozy (Original Mix)
demonstrates a steady rhythmic bass construction complimented by high-hat variations, while giving rise to a primordial
sense of movement and full bodied grooves.
Wholly, ‘Theme of Roman EP’ delivers a cohesive collection of original mixes, all of which stem from various parts of the
deep house/ tech house/ minimal techno spectrum.


Вес 230 g
Record Label

Unscene BLK


12", EP

Тип Релиза


House, Tech House, Deep House




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