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Klubbhuset – Marathons

A1 Årsta by Night 5:03

A2 Fantastic Mr. Frantz 5:31

A3 Husarö House 4:46

A4 Glossy Jacket 4:39

B1 I Can Shoot You from Stuttgart 5:42

B2 Condesa 5:44

B3 Diskko 5:30

B4 Costa Amore 5:03

Артикул: LPH047 Категории: , , Метка:


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Marathons began innocently, as a quick debut EP by an energetic Swedish duo we found on SoundCloud. Within a couple months of chatting with the pair, Artur Bra¨ndstrom and Egil Kahlbom, however, we realized our collaboration wasn’t going to be simple, so cut and dry, so straightforward, and that’s why we find ourselves here, a year after meeting them with a full album, not an in-and-out single, on our hands.
What made it complex and intricate, you ask Why’d we opt to squeeze eight originals into one long-player, you wonder Well, Artur and Egil are prolific dudes with fantastic ears and formidable work ethics. A couple of demos quickly sprouted offspring and became four, then six, then ten. Rather than fight the arbitrary desire to trim the spread down to a 12′, we figured we’d aim higher and work on a proper album. What we constructed is, in a very classic sense, a long-player.
Here’s that album! It’s a sunny, loose, limber, uninhibited boogie through warm disco cuts and wobbly house jams and soulful funk slices. Daytime chill-out with a nightclub architecture—or peak hour mayhem with a bright, clearheaded euphoria. Marathons swings every which way and suits any mood, so drop that needle and try it on. Then repeat, repeat, repeat.


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Let's Play House



Тип Релиза


House, Deep House




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