Kickflip Mike & Julius Conrad – Three Turtles

A1 Three Turtles

A2 BBQ Skit

B1 Some Joint

B2 Voodoo Dude

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Kickflip Mike (Joschka Seibt) is back with ‘Three Turtles’ — a collaborative EP on Tartlet Records with Berlin bass maestro, Julius Conrad. While Julius seems like a new addition to camp Tartelet, he’s been in the extended family for years. The son of Jazz bass legend Jurgen Attig and childhood homies with Max & Kickflip, he’s existed in the crew’s inner circle since day dot.
What you get on Kickflip Mike and Julius Conrad’s new record is a medley of gritty drum distortion, frenetic bass guitar-work and (as ever) a dumptruck of a groove.
As richly diverse as most on the Tartelet roster, it’s a record that dabbles variously in analogue house, beat-led instrumentals & elements of breakbeat & garage — it’s all here. First out the traps is title track ‘Three Turtles’, a kick-heavy club jam overwritten with Julius’ warm warbling basslines and wah-wah guitar.
After snaking through ‘BBQ Skit’, a wonky beat-erlude in the Madlib vein, the record winds into ‘Some Joint’, a wandering house workout with tons of virtuosity from Conrad’s axe.
The EP closes on ‘Voodoo Dude’: a wonderfully deep finale snapped through with choppy breaks and fuzzy samples.
Taken from top to bottom, ‘Three Turtles’ is a record that shrugs off the limitations of ‘club music’ loose and playful enough to reflect Kickflip & Conrad’s colourful lives outside the club, as well as


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Tartelet Records



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Deep House, House