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Khotin – Aloe Drink

A1: Aloe Drink

A2: Aloe Drink (Force Of Nature Remix)

B1: Friend

B2: Strange Plant

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Public Release adds another entry to its 2018 chapter with a four-track EP that engineers the intersection of gentle warm-up house of the Balearic genus and frosty chill-out. The 12-inch is the latest from Dylan Khotin-Foote, who goes by the mononym Khotin, a producer and DJ firmly planted at the epicenter of Vancouver’s lively, colorful dance music scene.

The record begins with ‘Aloe Drink,’ a tune, which, like the beverage it’s named after, is both specifically familiar and vaguely mysterious; it begets questions of origin despite its appearance of recognizability. Built around an acoustic, earthy drum pattern, it kicks off feeling fast-paced, propulsive, but this proves illusory when aqueous pads push into the frame and lend the piece a calm stillness.

Force of Nature (DJ Kent and KZA), making a rare appearance as remixers, preserves the original’s intent and architecture while managing to find a way to subtly lift it in energy and register; extra drums and an augmenting synth lick ease it into a territory of dance floor functionality. A version as rousing and bumpin’ as it is intimate and tender.

On the other side is ‘Friend’ and ‘Strange Plant,’ a harmonious pair that reflects the A-side’s vibe as it refracts it into a spectrum of new hues and spaces. ‘Friend’ is a kaleidoscopic trip through time-warping trance, and ‘Strange Plant’ a sharper, punchier song that takes keyed-up rave chords and gives them some heart, some soul, by removing all the artificial drama they’re normally consumed by.
A cleverly crafted and sincere, sweet record that telegraphs a wink of irony as it carries you through a vortex of technicolor fractals and flickering embers.


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Record Label

Public Release


12", EP

Тип Релиза


Deep House




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