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Khidja – Never Seen The Remixes

A1:    Never Seen The Dunes (Discodromo Remix)

A2:    Aura (In Flagranti Remix)

B1:    Indecis (Red Axes Remix)

B2:    The Quiet Beofre The Red Stop (Selvy Remix)


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Coming hot on the heels of Khidja’s return to the label with their Never Seen The Dunes EP, is a set of remixes by friends and family of the label and band, featuring no less than Discodromo, Inflagranti, Red Axes and Selvy on mixing desk duties. A proper Remix EP with all 4 tracks from the original EP getting a proper European flavoured rework. Starting with Discodromo, this dynamic Italian duo produce for the likes of Dissident, Internasjonal and Slow Motion Records, DJ around the globe and run the exemplary CockTail’s d’Amour label out of their Berlin base. Their unique take on the modern discoid sound is perfect for the title track and taking right to the red zone. Adding pulsating bass, driving appegio, all while allowing the bump of the original to keeping pushing things on, it’s a perfect introduzione.
This is followed by Inflagranti’s inspired retake of the deeper vibes of Aura. A huge favourite of the label, the Swiss team keep the bass and dam’ funk, but head straight for the autoban to
create an old school NYC electro-dub style remix. A matured cruiser that keeps the swing, it all leads to those strings and Eastern flavours gliding over for the perfect finale.
Things head darker on the reverse, with Tel Aviv’s shinning stars Red Axes, maning the controls for the scatter bounce of Indecis for the stand out remix. Twisted vocals, brooding FX and reversed guitar all atop a mesmeric kick, things just keeps going higher and higher.
Finally The Quiet Before The Red Stop is passed on to a name for the future, Selvy. With appearances on Polish Cut Outs and a recent EP for Transatlantyk, here he takes the ‘Balearic’
grooves of the original adding some club bumpin’ bottom end and kick while maintaining a lightness for the White Isles. A perfect way to round off. Watch the skies (and basements).


Вес 230 g
Record Label

[Emotional] Especial


12", EP

Тип Релиза


Disco, Dub, Electro, House




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