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Kay Zee – Barny

A Barny

B Barny (Fuga Ronto Rework)

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The first release of 2017 from Phantom Island — a hyped label founded by Swiss pals Lexx, Kejeblos, Ron Shiller and Foster — comes courtesy of Kay Zee, a DJ/producer/musician who has long been active on the Zurich scene. «Barny» is something of a low-slung treat, where discordant post-punk sax parts, undulating organ solos and breathy vocal samples jostle for position above a stomping, glam-style triple-time groove. Were it not for the producer’s extensive use of delay and fuzzy electronics, it could arguably be mistaken for a long-lost lounge-funk tune. On the B-side, label-mates Fuga Ronto (AKA Ron Shiller and Tobi Schweizer) re-invent the track as a quirky chunk of Balearic dub-funk complete with chiming melody lines and rubbery bass.


Вес 60 g
Record Label

Phantom Island


7", Ltd

Тип Релиза


Leftfield, Dub




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