Jay Shepheard, Martin Dawson, Matthew Burton — Cut A Zee Remix EP

A Jay Shepheard & Matthew Burton — Liberal Zee (Session Victim Remix)

B Martin Dawson & Jay Shepheard — Cut A Hole (Casino Times Remix)


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A simple back beat drum sequence with the slightest of reverbs opens Session Victim’s remix to Jay Shepheard & Matthew Burton’s «Liberal Zee». Like water flowing through opened flood gates, a gnarly bass synth takes over the once minimal arrangement, with dubby and resonating chords adding extra emotion to the piece. Almost Function-like sonar bleeps then surface alongside dwarfed and repetitive bass stabs similar to Mr Fingers’ productions; disco infused deep house with a smattering of techno. On the flip Jay Shepheard hooks up with Martin Dawson for «Cut A Hole» which receives a remix from Casino Times. Its old school disco vibe feels more at home on Jay Shepheard’s Retrofit than Session Victim’s mix, with soul claps, funky bass and guitar licks thrown in for a cheeky Nile Rogers effect.


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Deep House

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