Guy One – Everything You Do, You Do For Yourself

A Everything You Do, You Do For Yourself 4:54

B Estre 4:17

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With the single «Everything You Do, You Do For Yourself» North-Ghanaian Kologo master Guy One opens the door to his first international release #1, which will be available end of January 2018. Guy One promises what his name is saying: he is the number one artist of Frafra music, named after his people: the Frafra.»Everything You Do, You Do For Yourself» is his only song having a phrase in English. Here he is following the example of his collegue and friend King Ayisoba, who introduced the use of English into Frafra music a few years ago. The beat is a driving Highlife rhythm. That’s the kind of groove we all love Ghana for!On «Estre» we have special guest Florence Adooni, one of the leading voices of Frafra-Gospel. She is interweaving perfectly with the horn arrangements by Max Weissenfeldt, as well the drummer of the song, and gives after her part the lead to Mr. Guy One — yeah, the number one!


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7", Single

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African, Afrobeat, Highlife, Funk, Soul




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