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Gary Gritness – The Sugar Cane Chronicles Volume 2

A1 Steady Choosin

A2 Countin Up With Starr

B1 Runner Joe’s Revenge

B2 Pool Shark Loot

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Gary Gritness’ real name is Tim Becherand. He is a session musician who has been around for some time and has worked alongside some of the greats such as the legendary Kenny Bobien and top producers in house music like Grant Nelson, Terry Hunter, Louie Vega and many more. The Sugar Cane Chronicles Vol. 1 on London’s Hypercolour was one of 2016’s highlights where he explored some Underground Resistance inspired hi-tech soul jams alongside some electro-funk reminiscent of Japanese Telecom. Here for the second instalment of the series, he delivers the goods once again. Take for instance «Countin’ Up With Starr» which features some razor sharp analogue arpeggios and celestial synths, dancing atop rusty vintage drum computer patterns. So convincingly that you’d think they were lost tapes from 1991. On the flip, another gem came in the form of «Pool Shark Loot» which unlike the other tracks is a lo-slung boogie jam and shows of Gary’s dexterity on the keys and he tears it up on a series of slick synth solos.


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House, Boogie