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Earth Boys – Myrtle Music

A1 Ambien Dream 5:10

A2 Glance 4:13

B1 Monkey Business 5:41

B2 Let It Go 5:52

B3 Myrtle Music 4:56

Артикул: LPH050 Категории: , , , Метка:


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Bout time! Julian Duron and Michael Sherburn are longtime friends and partners in crime; the two marinate, stew, malt in the same spaces as Jacques and Nik—namely Brooklyn’s now legendary Bossa Nova Civic Club. Call this kick-off EP a statement of purpose, proof of concept, an illustration of how LPH and E.B. gel perfectly.

The five tracks contained on Myrtle Music, named such in celebration of the Myrtle Avenue JMZ and L train stops in Bushwick, are easy, chilled-out house jams built on stacks of pads from the future and breaks from the past. Weird, ethereal tuneage that feels like the score to a walk through empty allies in a Blade Runner world. (Or, for the anime wonks out there, maybe the Tokyo of Patlabor.)


Вес 230 g
Record Label

Let's Play House



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Deep House, House




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