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Artis –  Caecilia 

A1 Panthera Pardus

A2 Cetacea

B1 Gigantopithecus

B2 Delphinidae


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The Safe Trip Organisation Has Been Broadcasting Their Musical Version Of A Traditional «numbers Station» On The Frequency 5079. Human Intelligence Suggests The Agent Behind Four Regular, Ear-pleasing Transmissions Is The Safe Trip Associate «artis».
Using A Specially Modified «one-time Pad», We Were Able To Decipher These Undercover Operatives. The Ethereal, Dreamy, Arpeggio-driven Throb Of «panthera Pardus», With Its Poignant Tone And Undulating Lead Lines, Was Clearly Meant As A Warning.. The Same Could Be Said Of «cetacea», Where Melancholic Synthesizer Sounds And Meandering Electronics Gently Wind Their Way Around Hybrid Electronic/acoustic Percussion.

Panic Set In Once We Deciphered «giganthopithecus», A Composition Littered With Frequent Increases In Percussive Intensity And A Mind-altering Melodic Refrain. Our Hunch That Artis Was Ordering Immediate Action By Agents Was Confirmed By «delphinae», Whose Colourful Melodic Fluidity, Futurist New Age Construction And Layered Wooden Drum Hits Deeply Affected Our Researchers. We Ordered Our Own Agents To Raid The Station, But Artis Had Long Since Scuttled Off Into The Hazy Morning Sunshine.


Вес 230 g
Record Label

Safe Trip



Тип Релиза


Balearic, Deep House




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