Anthony Naples – Take Me With You

A1: Alto

A2: Goodness

A3: Drifter

A4: Spiral

A5: Tango

A6: 365

B1: Shredder

B2: El Portal Pt. Ii

B3: Love Loop To Fade

B4: Worldwide

B5: Things Will Never B Tha Same

B6: Take Me With You

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В наличии

Anthony Naples returns with his second full length album, «Take Me With You», arriving first as a ‘Mixed Version’ cassette inspired and commissioned by the Good Morning Tapes series, followed by Digital, Vinyl and even Long Sleeve T-Shirt formats.

Originally conceived as a D.J. mixtape dedicated to friends and the time spent with them in the morning hours after the parties over (or beginning) — it quickly morphed into a soft focused meditation on all things warm and intangible.

‘Take Me With You’ fires off in all styles — the opening triptych of the extra-cosmic ‘Alto’, post-rave pianos of ‘Goodness’ and slow-dance-inducing ‘Drifter’ bring the attention inward — taking cues from a host of personal favorites including: ‘Space’ LP by Space, The Theater Of Eternal Music, Panda Bear’s ‘Person Pitch’ , Atlas Sound’s ‘Let The Blind Lead…’, Arthur Russell’s ‘World Of Echo’, Suzanne Ciani’s ‘Buchla Concerts: 1975’, The Microphones ‘The Glow Pt. II’ & ‘Mount Eerie’, A mixtape of Krautrock from DJ Ivan Berko and most definitely Holger Czukay, ‘Take Me With You’ is a fresh turn for Naples as he ascends into a blend of his most personal work to date — touching on trip-hop, psychedelic pop, ambient house, and much more along the way.

Make no mistake — ‘Take Me With You»s message is undoubtedly about escapism, given away by its happy-abductee cover art done by the legend Biscuit— but first and foremost it reflects on that lingering feeling one gets when walking away from the ones they love.


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LP, Album

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Deep House, House, Ambient




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