Anestie Gomez, Denis Kaznacheev – The Wieferich Pair

A Anestie Gomez — Early Finish

B Denis Kaznacheev — Late Start

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В наличии

The Continuum Hypothesis’ by Cleymoore and Andrea Cichecki stood proud as Rotate’s first collaborational EP, and despite being the imprint’s first attempt on showcasing its roster
through talent fusion, it served perfectly as a refined and spontaneous creation where both artists could easily be heard and identified.

Rotate’s curatorial decisions seem to consistently circle around a small but extremely talent-ed group of young artists who aren’t afraid of musical experimentation, with command of
very personal visions of futuristic dance music, no matter the style. For the second collabora-tional EP, Rotate hand-picked two young artists that share a strong vision about music, how
it should be created and ultimately, experienced: Greece’s Anestie Gomez, and Russia’s Denis Kaznacheev.

Denis has succeeded in keeping us engaged with his imprint Nervmusic since 2009, showing us a steady catalog of releases that share a refined and minimalistic approach to dance
music, while Anestie is slowly but fiercely leaving his mark in the music world with a handful of releases and a quiet yet exquisite A&R work for several successful imprints.

Using each other’s sounds to create new compositions, ‘The Wieferich Pair’ is about them both, and speaks for them both. ‘Early Finish’ is an addictive piece that utterly succeeds in
sucking you right in like a vortex. The marching bassline serves it’s purpose of movement in a strong loopy groove intertwined by tight snares, while the pads and poltergeist’y sounds
reformat our heads with an inability for space-time tracking. The other side of this affair, ‘Late Start’, is all about the sleazy jazz dance moves. It’s a microcosm of sparkling glitches
and vocal snippets, locked in a simple yet flowing bassline and a sea of shuffled hi-hats. A piano kicks in at key points, alongside percussive elements, adding some deepness to the a
already rich palette.

This is the world of Anestie and Denis as one. As playful as it is serious, this double tracker takes you to a place where you don’t know if you’re diving in ,or actually diving out. A sonic
rabbit hole of sorts, just like they intended. Hypnotic artwork and design by Max Binski, the current visual curator of Rotate.


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House, Minimal